Why you Should Text Your Parents More

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I am of the belief that those of us who have good parents, parents that have selflessly provided for our respective families for years and years through the good, the bad and the ugly, often do a sub-par job at expressing our appreciation for them.


This is NOT to say that we do not love or appreciate our parents! Of course we do! It’s just that we can get a little bit better at expressing to them we love and appreciate them. There are three reasons why we should do this:


  1. It will make them feel good – If you were to reach out to your parents out of the blue and simply tell them that you love and appreciate them, it will make their day. If you can make someone feel good, particularly the people or person who helped you become the man or woman you are today, what’s stopping you from doing so?


  1. Expressing love is reciprocalShowing love is chicken soup for the soul. As much as love feels nice to receive, it’s just as fulfilling to express.


  1. Let’s set precedents – Like many of us, I have aspirations to be a parent one day. I believe that if my children have both the self-awareness and the confidence to outwardly recognize their parent’s selflessness, then they’re more likely to live a grounded, appreciative life.


Chapter Three and we’re already getting deep. I love it. Text your parents and after they respond, share with me some Strictly Good Energy in the comments section below.


Peace, Love, SGE,


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  1. Rich Kane

    Too cool for words.

  2. Ellen Kane

    A truly beautiful “Labor of Love.”

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