Elevator Etiquette

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The Context – Elevators are one of the most awkward social environments of mankind. Between all the palpable unrest, timid verbal exchanges and eye contact avoidance, you would think that this is a setting with little room for SGE.


Step 1 – But alas, I beg to differ my friends. Far too often at work I notice men leaving elevators without thinking twice about the women on board exiting the same floor. Allowing women to leave an elevator before you, perhaps even holding the door for them, is a too defunct chivalrous gesture that I believe is as necessary as the “god bless you” in the case of a sneeze.


Step 2 – Elevator Etiquette IS a two-way street folks. Everyone likes a little recognition (well, especially me), so a quick “thank you” from the elevator first-mover beneficiaries (ladies) is just enough of a pleasantry for our gesture to be appreciated.


Equation for Success:

Men allowing women to exit elevators before them


Women saying “thank you” when said gesture occurs


SGE levels increased for all!



Peace, Love, SGE,