The 4-Step Guide to Improve the Emotional Ambiance of Your Surroundings

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Here is Strictly Good Energy’s 4-Step Guide to help improve the emotional ambiance of your surroundings:


(Ideal forums for implementation are at work, school/class, walking around campus, social get togethers and the gym and/or yoga class)


Step 1 – Eye Contact

When approaching someone in familiar or shared social environments, look them in the eye. Eye contact is a courtesy of acknowledgement and cordial respect. I used to walk by people in college who I had classes with and KNEW they knew who I was and when we passed by each other on campus, they would walk right by me without the slightest glance! I think that’s rude! You don’t need to GRILL every person you see in the eye, but most of the time it’s kind to acknowledge someone else with some eye contact. The act is NOT complete until….


Step 2 – The Smile and Mini Salutations

In passing, this often may be the last step. When you walk by someone, a little eye contact with a small dose of a smile is all you need. Also, I’m not talking a big, overwhelming shit-eating grin over here folks. In fact, I prefer that semi awkward, close lipped nod more than anything else, as demonstrated here:


the nod!


Now, if you want to get really advanced, you can couple a mini salutations with your smile. Examples are “hi”, “good morning” and my personal favorite, the “hey, how are you?”


Step 3 – Small Talk

Call me crazy, but I love small talk. I find myself standing next to people at the coffee machine all the time at work and I use this venue as an opportunity to showcase my friend-making skills. This step is nuanced, so allow me to break down the dynamic for you:


  • You start with the mini-salutations. If there is little SGE behind their response, don’t force it.


  • I have a few go-to conversation starters up my sleeve. Weather always plays, so for the inexperienced, stay conservative and comment on the weather. For the kind types, comment on something they’re wearing like “Hey, that’s a cool watch” or “Love those sneakers”. If we’re in Thursday/Friday territory, throw out the “Any big plans this weekend?”


If you can breakthrough and prompt some dialogue, make sure you show some interest in what someone else has to say because…


Step 4 – Remembering

Remembering what other people say about their lives is one of memory’s most thoughtful gifts. Bringing up something you discussed with someone in a quick conversation the next time you run into them is SGE in it’s best possible form.


I hope this made a difference for you guys. Happy Friday.


Peace, Love, SGE,




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  1. Rich Kane

    You have created something really cool here Steve. Do not stop doing this. These little things you are suggesting can really improve people’s lives.