Invitation 4 – The Spell

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You were an independent variable

Other ingredients minded my conscious

We raised the red flag in the wind

My experiment was to begin

If you were out, you were out

If you were in, you were in.


Your participation made no difference

This was my element for you to witness

My brothers made the potion we sipped

The heavens brought the magic we dipped

My sisters hit every green I clipped

The music was the only truth.


But you didn’t come this far from home

To show up to our playground

Without your own bag of tricks and treats.

You fed me your voice so I drank your potion

You shocked me with your electricity

We dipped from the same magic

The music was the only truth.


The forces between us became kinesthetic,

And I lost all control

We were hopeless magnets

No one would ever believe us

Except the stars who watched

And were proud for us both


But as quickly as we dipped the magic

Hit our peak, touched the sky

And slid back down to earth.

So did the force between us

For better more than worse.