Invitation 5 – Igloo

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How did I get here, you think.

Everything you ever believed in, lost.

There’s nowhere to turn

This can’t be real, you think.

But this is not imagination gone wrong

Because the cold around you is harrowing

And it pierces your skin

And there’s a nagging drip in your throat

Which tastes like ice

Because your heart is frozen.


Your journey was not supposed to leave you here

I planned every detail, you think.

But when all the signs pointed one way

Intuition tricked me down the wrong path, you think.

First the wolves ransacked your hope

Then the bears stole your faith

And when it could not get any worse

The vultures picked at your heart

And now the taste of ice is all you have left


So you crawl into an igloo

Accepting the sadness that all is lost

That this is the end

This igloo will be the last home I ever have, you think.

I was destined for more, you think.


Then you hear a sound

A crack, a flicker

So you force yourself to open your eyes

And a tiny fire radiates at your feet

And the fire smiles —

Because the fire knows you

Cares for you

Loves you

Has been with you forever.

So you crawl out of the igloo

Something feels different, you think.

Your chest is warm

The fire will never let me down, you think.

The fire will never let me down.

This fire will never let you down.

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