Invitation 6 – Southie With Sid

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Freak night and iced coffee sending clues to my veins,

Advice Cubes saying Doctor J is the truth of the game.


Kanye or Stevie J, who is the Harry Potter of creativity?

Or is Hotline Bling the answer to this silly duality?


Scribbling notes on dollar bills green sharpie in my hand —

Messages on fridge magnets with the keys to the plan


They say the best design is timeless and personal

So I write for my great grandkid with the SK initials.


I was raised by a people that keeps diamonds in cookie jars..

Bar Mitzvah money is the paradox of farce.


My dad’s worn one watch since his Vietnam days,

So I keep my Nixon close to pay homage to his maze


A mentor told me to put my ear to the world before I sing my song

No Langston Hughes prophecies, I raise in the sun.


No rest on the Sabbath what an unholy proclamation,

Fantasy Football is a mystical creation,


If these words flicker then we’re cut from the same cloth,

Change of pace and direction, I Bing for a piece of thought


Dunkin Donuts lip balm, point of purchasing materials —

Sociology is to culture as milk is to cereal —


Chase Sapphire density is the only gold I need in my wallet

My boy did this in Kyoto and he knew I would spot it.


Homegirl senses the same spirit whispering in Seattle rain

I only have these moments on the domain of a plane —


I saw my grandma’s soul in a black cat so I know she still lives with me

Slippery symmetry in Siddhartha telemetry.