Invitation 11 – Coffee

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A strictly good guy,

Met with a strictly good girl

On a strictly good morning

With strictly good energy.


While sipping strictly good coffee,

Over strictly good conversation,

They spoke of strictly good times

With strictly good friends.


The strictly good guy then asked a strictly good question

Is life, strictly, this good?

With a strictly good smile, the strictly good girl responded–


No. Life is not, strictly, this good.


Life is not strictly this good,

Or strictly happiness, success and laughter–

Life is not strictly without defeat,

Or strictly without failure, stress or tears


Because if life was strictly good…..


We would not have the drive to chase our dreams,

Or know how to strive for greatness during uphill battles.


If life was strictly good…


We would never learn the marvels of failure

Or find the warmth inside the cold.


 If life was strictly good…


The universe would never open up

And tell us her secrets


He thought. And felt.


Who else knows?


She thought. She felt.


The ones with the courage to ask.