The Post Election Empathy Void

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This was written the day after the 2016 Election on November 12th originally published on Medium Let’s pause. To honor how others, all of us, might be feeling. Let’s use the emotional volatility of the outcome of this election to … Continued

Memo 5 – Sunny Forecast

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A strictly good guy entrusted a dream with a boy He didn’t forecast the boy’s cunning Or the intensity of his own unfair demands And make no mistake, that’s on the strictly good guy.   As the boy was slowly … Continued

Memo 3 – Twigs

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My motivation was glory Embarrassed face emoji I sat upon a castle Of twigs and allegories   Good guys Wordiness Egotistical joy rides The lowest of lows Are triggered by artificial highs Two feet down on earth You can’t just … Continued

Memo 2 – Information Sessions

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I saw the institution Re-mold our intuition The brilliant minds of evolution Met by dollars and confusion When purpose meets dilution Purpose then defies solution Now their flawless execution Secured by channels of distribution Was to perpetuate pollution Of the … Continued