What I Wrote After Losing my Grandma

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Yesterday, my 91 year old Grandma, a woman who meant everything to me, unexpectedly passed.


I shot this video over a month ago when my Grandma was in great health. I did not intend to share this until later, but all of a sudden this video has a renewed meaning and re-purposed intent in spreading SGE’s values.


Sometimes we forget our grandparents are closer to the finish line than us. Any love we can share with our grandparents today is like a little care package they can hold onto for a bit of happiness and comfort.


If you are reading this, I hope the thought to call your grandparents today crosses your mind. And if it does, reach out to them! Call them today, right after you read this, and send them as much love as you can!! It will mean the world to them just to hear your voice.


My relationship with my grandma was strictly good energy; she was my biggest fan, my most faithful ally and my most generous supporter. Her boundless love will always live on through me and I am grateful to have had such a deep, meaningful relationship with a woman of such strength and compassion. There would be no SGE without my grandma.


I know she’s looking down on us right now, reading this post and thinking to herself, “Stevie, you’re doing the right thing” … 🙂


Peace, Love, SGE,