Memo 4 – From SEA to Shining SEA

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A trend met her moment at my fingertips

So I ran my hands through her hair

And dusted off her imperfections

Without knowing her eyes were reflections of my own

Imperfect imperfections


I was young and high on celebrity

So I talked about her to anyone that listened

I showed her to Kyrie in section

And Posner snapped a picture with her too


I wore her word as eyes on the back of my head

And if you snap back five years ago

You might have too


I thought we were going to be together forever

She punched my ticket after all

But the greater powers that be slowly took her away from me

And I was left with nothing but a memory


A broken heart

And the sour taste of foreign anxiety


It took some time

But I got over her

And then I emerged from sea to shining sea

And never looked back

Until now–

Because without her there’s no me


So I’m thankful

For what she did for me