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This week I will release the Memos collection; a series of five poems with academic and entrepreneurial flavorings. The first two memos are cryptic opinion pieces. I hope you have fun trying to understand them 🙂 The last three are … Continued

Invitation 11 – Coffee

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A strictly good guy, Met with a strictly good girl On a strictly good morning With strictly good energy.   While sipping strictly good coffee, Over strictly good conversation, They spoke of strictly good times With strictly good friends.   … Continued

Invitation 9 – Orbit

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Beautiful girl, would you agree that there is a level that only us can find? At the perfect moment. Together. When we get reminded of beautiful oneness. Then we get sent back into orbit. To stake claim of our individualized … Continued

Invitation 5 – Igloo

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How did I get here, you think. Everything you ever believed in, lost. There’s nowhere to turn This can’t be real, you think. But this is not imagination gone wrong Because the cold around you is harrowing And it pierces … Continued